Danielle (Jerusalem)

What is your name and how old are you?Danielle, 23 years old
For how long Do you live in your apartment?
I’ve lived here for 3 monthsUrban-Diversity-Stefanie-Pietschmann-Danielle16
Why did you choose to live in this apartment and this area?
As an olah chadasha (note: new Jewish immigrant) Jerusalem made the most sense to me. I knew I loved it here, and this was where my friends are.
What are you doing?
At the moment nothing, but hopefully going to study photography soon, after I do an ulpan.
What do you want to say about you/ life in Jerusalem? 
It took me five years to finally move to Israel. As tough as life is here, and as many curve-balls that have been thrown at me, I don’t regret it for a moment. This is where I feel I was meant to be. This is where my life is, where I belong.



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