The “Ud794d79cd795d792d795-d794d79ed7a8d79bd796d799-d7a9d797d795d7a8rban Diversity” was supported by and therefore shown at Maze9 (Tel Aviv) from November 6th until November the 13th 2014. The exhibition was opened with a vernissage on November 6th, 2014.

Exhibition Concept

I choose 5 to 6 photos (number varies in shared flats with several flat mates) of each participant’s flat. They were split in a portrait of the participant and photos of the flat and the building.

I wanted the visitors to get a first impression of each participant. That’s the reason why the first thing one saw after entering the exhibition room was a huge wall with all of the portraits and questionnaires of the participants. Afterwards the visitors were able to take a look around to see all involved flats and houses and were asked to find the right participant’s flat and house. Afterwards the visitors could enter a separate room to find out if they were right.

I didn’t want the exhibition to be overloaded because I knew I would have a lot of photos anyways. So I tried to keep the whole look clear and structured in order to provide a nice and comfortable atmosphere.



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