Ronnie (Tel Aviv)

Urban DiversityWhat is your name and how old are you? Ronnie, 27
For how long do you live in your apartment? Almost 3 years.
Why did you choose to live in this apartment and this area? A few years ago my parents died, after a few years of recovery and many thoughts, it was a family decision that it will be right to buy an apartment and live in it. I was looking for a place to feel at home which has some warmth. That’s how I got to this area. Sometimes it feels like a nice small town that is at the border of a turbulent city.
I mostly fell in love with the apartment by the pictures, thanks to the light.
What are you doing? I’m working on a thesis about urbanism in public schools at Porter Environmental Studies at Tel Aviv University.
What do you want to say about you / life in Tel Aviv? Sometimes even in the middle of a day when I walk down the street, I am surrounded by a special feeling and I remember how much I love it.



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