Urban Diversity

– a documentary about Tel Aviv

Urban space is spirited and diffuse, it is constantly changing and therefore changes the cityscape. However, the buildings’ stories often remain untold. Since they can only be found behind stone or concrete walls they remain with the people who give the buildings a face and fill them with life. Who lives where, why and how? “Urban Diversity” aims to offer a subjective insight to the city’s buildings and its inhabitants the way, they don’t necessarily see themselves.

Urban Diversity was planned from April 2014 and was implemented between June until November d794d79cd795d792d795-d794d79ed7a8d79bd796d799-d7a9d797d795d7a82014.  The project was supported by and shown at Maze9 (Tel Aviv) from November 6th until November the 13th 2014. The exhibition was opened with a vernissage on November 6th, 2014.

– further information

The idea for the project arose when I sat in a coffee place in Tel Aviv. And as I sat there I dreamed a bit and looked at the buildings around me. I started to ask myself and I wanted to know who and what was inside… since that day I couldn’t stop asking myself this question and so I decided to make a photography project out of it – no sooner said than done.Bildschirmfoto vom 2014-08-22 09:58:50

It isn’t that easy to find participants and a place for an exhibition in a country where one didn’t grew up and in a city where one hasn’t lived so long. Anyhow “Urban Diversity” wasn’t starr-crossed: During the time I was able to find many people who wished to participate by Maze9 and the media published about the project in Time Out Israel and Radio TLV1 . I didn’t choose the people – they choose the project.

During the implementation of “Urban Diversity” I got to know many buildings, flats and inhabitants in Tel Aviv. Old, new, renovated, forgotten. I got the possibility to get to know many interesting and great people. Finally I published photos of 13 buildings and flats and 18 Urban Diversityparticipants. While the implementation I was able to enter foreign person’s flats and document whatever I found interesting and/ or significant in their homes.

And that’s the point: The participants didn’t have the possibility to directly influence what I would see and choose. They were asked to leave the flat as it was for the photo meeting (even though I cannot testify all of them did). We got to know each other a bit better and I was very lucky to enjoy complete freedom of what I was doing in every place I took pictures of. The participants were only shown their portrait before the exhibition and could see their flats and houses for the first time at the exhibition opening.

After the exhibition opening and the erection of this website I finally decided to continue with the project to let the documented “Urban Diversity” become more diverse. PA209294.jpgTherefore I published more photos of every place on this website, as I wasn’t able financially and for space reasons to print out more at the exhibition.

“Urban Diversity” will be continued through Tel Aviv and extended to Jerusalem. Might you be interested in becoming part of “Urban Diversity”, please don’t hesitate to write me via the contact form.

DSC02922bklUrban Diversity is a project of German photographer Stefanie Pietschmann who is publishing her work for several years now under the pseudonym PIETSCHY.

The desire to look beyond one’s own nose and the infinite necessity to push the release button – that’s why I started to publish my work in 2009. I really felt in love with photography during a coincidence in this time. As time went by I got more and more familiar with photography and improved my skills in an autodidact way. Also photography started to take over more and more time in my life.

The result: images that do not always show what one actually wants to see. Documentary art, to irritate and to inspire by showing counter-horizons to a society that seems to be aspired to perfection. The breakup of the self-understanding of impeccability. An unvarnished view at the world from a crooked angle of view.

In April 2014 the idea of Urban Diversity rose more and more and guided me to implement the project in Tel Aviv from June to November 2014.

Exhibitions and documentaries
  • November 2014 “Urban Diversity” – exhibition, מזא”ה 9 (Tel Aviv, Israel)
  • April 2014 Urban Diversity – photography project (Tel Aviv/ Jerusalem, Israel)
  • 2014 Kit und Klampfe – Artwork for Album (Bremen, Germany)
  • 2014 “בית חם” – Documentary of social and youth center (Lod, Israel)
  • 2014 M.A.U.G. – Artwork for the magazine (Germany)

Photos: Ido Biran



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