Yitz (Jerusalem)

What is your name and how old are you? Yitz, 40 years old.

For how long Do you live in your apartment? 10 years.

Why did you choose to live in this apartment and this area? As a new oleh (immigrant) I was given 6 months free Hebrew language ulpan (studio – learning center with dormitories). My ulpan wouldn’t let me get internet in my bedroom (it was before Wireless USB Internet) and I needed to be connected to run my business – so I was pressed to find my own place nearby.

What are you doing? I’m a freelance graphic designer, web designer and photographer. I also have an online self-publishing niche photo album business.

What do you want to say about you/ life in Jerusalem? 
Life in Jerusalem is great – I love the history, the architecture, the market, the food, the creative artists – and especially the diversity of the people – religious/secular, families/singles, old and young, Jews/Muslims/Christians. Every day is interesting – you don’t know who you will interact with – there are always new people moving here – some permanently and some temporarily and plenty of tourists. I have found a great community here that is open-minded and embracing and caring.



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